Monday, August 26, 2013


Tate Pawn Auto Net on Citysearch
The world as we know it 5 years ago is changing everyday.
Despite continued Wall Street Stock averages breaking new records American's still need short term loans
The New World banking system does not want to bother with a $100-$2000 small loan.
The next choice is use your plastic
instantly 18% interest and additional fees on cash advances that will more less equal 25% interest.  The Pay Day Loan Industry is expanding every year and according to The Wall Street Journal in some cases the interest rate is 700%!!!!!  The old Dons in New York would love to be living today money lending rates gives a better return than bootlegging, drugs, or other unlawful acts.   The TV series "Pawn Stars" , "Hard Core Pawn", "Cajun Pawn" and a host of others has brought the pawn brokerage industry out of the closet and made it respectable.   I have lately made pawn loans to upper middle class American's for amounts from $500-$1500 on motor vehicles, boats motors and trailers, and ATV's.  The old pawn shops of the past were usually located in skid row districts of large city and your safety was always an issue .  The new upscale pawn brokers like myself use state of the art computers to give you fair market value for your valuables and current gold bullion prices for jewelry.   The new ere pawn shop is the poor man and middle class American's banker.   The interest rate is lower than a payday loan company or credit card and faster than a finance company. ; Ace Auto Pawn 622 South 6th Street Paducah, Kentucky is one of the nation's oldest licensed pawn shops in America and offers variable interest pawn loans.